Shamrock Slim


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(choose from five different styles )

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The Shamrock Slim offers three slots, two interior pocket slots, an interior pocket, outside easy access slot for your preferred card and interior band to hold cash bills

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Slim- Black Gold Stitching

Shamrock Slim includes RFID protective coating within the lining of the Shamrock Slim ensuring your protection and security against RFID identity theft.



Dimensions:10.3cm X 8 cm X 0.8

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Traditional wallets are too bulky Shamrock Wallets are slim & requires less effort from you than any other wallets.

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A design that is admired both for its beauty and for its functionality.



The Perfect Slim Style Options: Pick from five different styles, Black, Brown, Purple, Red and Pearl


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16 thoughts on “Shamrock Slim

  1. Hello A, Yes, the logo is optional. During your check our process please comment your optional logo selection. We will re-confirm with all our buyers the optional selections via PayPal or message. Our black leather for the Shamrock Slim wallet is standard for now. We look forward introducing more colors / style to Shamrock Slim collection in the near future as we hope to grow into the market. Thank you for you comment and support! :)

  2. Hello Carson, Thank you so much for the comment and support! No worries, we are re-confirming via email with all our buyers on the optional logo and color selection. Expect an email really soon. Thanks again, please feel to send contact us with nay questions or concerns, Cheers!

  3. Hello supporters! We appreciate your patience as we continue to work hard in providing you your shamrock wallets! Thanks again, Cheers!

    • Hello Wendy,

      Thank you so much for the comment. You can purchase two wallets by pressing the buy now papal button under the Shamrock wallets you would like to order. You may need to check out twice. We are contacting paypal to fix this. Thanks again! Please feel free to contact us with any questions or simply need help with check out process, Cheers!

  4. I have been using the Slim since I received it on December 30th. It is holding up incredibly well. The corners and edges are in perfect shape, as if it was brand new. The only thing that shows its been being used is the small indentation caused by the numbers on my cars. Everything else is absolutely perfect. I would definitely recommend and would buy again myself in a heartbeat.

  5. Hi I just ordered a Shamrock Slim (w/ RFID blocking) and was wondering if I could have it without the logo? Didn’t see the option at check out. Thanks!

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